love us better

Yesterday I saw this vision that I've never seen before.
My mind was stuck on repeat and I said it so many times
that I felt how my heart starts cryin' inside me.
"Nobody want's him!"

They say they could do everything for him but in real life,
as I live in, they can't live up to these words that they
say all the time just to defend themselves.

I realized what kind of problem we was talking about and
now I can say, I understand why he act like this.

But it ain't right to lay all of the responsibility at the other child.
I may act like an oldie, and look after myself. But hey, I'm not
ready to be a mom jet. It's wrong. One day I wish you both can
grow up and confess and say I'm sorry, I've made a big
mistake, I did let my kids fly away in young ages.

And so I can answer you, that I miss all the things that I know
my friends complains about. How their parents are a pain in the
ass and are after them all the time.

Mom and Dad, we miss you. We miss all of that. We miss our family..



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